Background: Jason has been participating in the sport of adventure racing for 9 years. In this time he has competed in dozens of events stretching from the Tidewater region of Virginia to the high mountain passes of Ecuador. Prior to catching the adventure racing bug he split his time between mountain bike racing and rocking climbing. Adventure racing allows him to combine the outdoor activities he loves with wonderful people in amazing locations.

• Name: Jason Reed
• Age: 36
• Occupation: IT Manager, University of Virginia
• How did you get involved in AR?: I did my first AR with HR Adventures on the eastern shore of Virginia in 2006 and have been hooked ever sinced.
• Favorite discipline: All of them – that’s why I continue to adventure race.
• Strongest asset?: Instigating, organizing, and keeping everyone moving forward
• Weakest?: Paddling
• Favorite food to eat on day 3 of an expedition race?: Usually it’s whatever is in Will’s pack.
• What is the first thing that you want to do after a long race?: Get off my feet and drink a beer…or two.
• What race is on your ‘bucket list’?: Patagonia or Godzone for sure but I would also like another shot at the Huairasinchi in Ecuador.

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