LOWA boots have been my go to brand for almost every major trip that I have gone on in the last decade. Whether I am trekking in the Andes or navigating numerous airports across multiple continents, I know that I can depend on the brand right out of the box.

The Innox GTX Lo are no exception. When I received them, I was in the final stage of packing for a month long trip to Chile and Antarctica. As with every other shoe or boot that I have used over the years, the Innox fit like a glove right out of the box. Due to the extra apparel that I would be carrying to the frozen continent, I wanted a solution that could serve as my boots and travel shoes. I would be carrying a 60L pack filled with everything that I was unable to get in my checked bag which amounted to almost 35 pounds. The Innox were sturdy enough to carry a loaded pack with ease as well as comfortable enough to kick back for the 9 hour flight from Atlanta to Santiago, Chile.

While it was mostly dry during the trip, I knew that my feet were protected from the elements should the situation arise.

Aboard the ship, I wore the shoes constantly and even explored Puerto Williams (the most southerly town in the world) before departing for Cape Horn.



• UPPER: Synthetic

• LINING: Waterproof GORE-TEX®

• MIDSOLE: DuraPU® with MONOWRAP® Frame & STG®


• STABILIZER: 3/4 length, Medium

• WEIGHT: 2 pounds 2.9 ounces (pair of 11.5)

MSRP: $190

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