What do you do when you forget it is on your roof as you drive into your garage or loan it to a friend and they drop and crack it? I was recently faced with this dilemma and shelling out more than $500 to replace (or invoicing my neighbor for a new box) was not a viable option. So I dug a little deeper and found an option from a company called Plasti-Mend.
While my damage only included a small hole and long crack, I ordered the ‘regular’ product and the cost was less than $50 with shipping (less than 1/10 the cost of a new box).

The regular kit included:
• One Pint P-M Black
• One 4 oz can of Cleaner
• 2 – 2″ brushes
• 6″ X 6″ Mesh
• Scotch-Brite Scrubber
• Full Instructions

Day 1


I used a clean, wet rag to wipe and clean the area around the repair area. I then used a another clean rag to dry the same area. I used the included primer/cleaner to prep an area about 3-4″ around the repair area.


Since I had both a hole and a crack to repair, I had to use the reinforcement mesh. I cut the mesh about 1″ larger than the hole.


Next, I applied the P-M Black with included brush to the mesh and over the length of the crack. I allowed the first coat to dry for 3 plus hours before applying a second coat. (picture below is after first coat before second coat applied)


Day 2

The company recommends not applying more than 2 coats each day and recommends a total of 4 coats. I applied 2 coats on Day 2 to the outside and I applied 1 coat to the inside of the case. While the project took 2 days to complete, there was very little time involved in this small repair and the case is ready for its next adventure. Picture below is after all 4 coats have been applied.


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