Video of Tecnu Adventure Racing at the 2013 AR World Championship


This video chronicles Tecnu Adventure Racing from last fall’s AR World Championship in Costa Rica where they finished in 3rd place. Check it out!

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AR World Championships 2013 has Begun – Lemans Mania in Costa Rica


Follow the race LIVE NOW at It may have been the first ‘Le Mans’ style start in adventure racing, no one is sure of that, what is for sure is that it was exciting and a bit mad too, but then so is adventure racing. It was an early morning start (4am), and then a long bus ride (8 hours), to get to the village of Union on the border with Panama. The roads were not as bad as we were led believe though and the Costa Rican welcome was warm, with local drummers and dancers on the football field to welcome the teams. After the relative cool of San Jose (which is at a much higher altitude), the… Read More →

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‘Pura Vida’ at the Adventure Racing World Championships in Costa Rica


If you had to pick a location for a World Championships you’d be hard pressed to find anywhere better than Costa Rica. Where better than a country with its own characteristic phrase, which means ‘full of life”, “this is living” or “real life”. ‘Pura Vida’ is used as a greeting, a farewell, a thank-you and a how-are-you in everyday life in Costa Rica, and that spirit of living the moment perfectly suits adventure racing. So too does the size and nature of this small Central American country. The race has been billed as running Coast to Coast and Border to Border, so it will span the whole country from North to South and East to West … or maybe that… Read More →

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