Injury Recovery Tips From a Professional Triathlete


By Rachel Jastrebsky, Professional Triathlete and Ph.D. Candidate I often tell myself and other athletes that to truly excel in your sport, you need to embrace every aspect. Sometimes that means reveling in a great workout/race, but sometimes it means overcoming a rough day, or accepting the need to be patient and take a step back. I am now recovering from a successful repair of my hip labrum and want to share parts of my journey back. • Be patient: Life doesn’t always go according to plan. I had big goals for the year, but after learning I needed surgery for a large labral tear and stress fracture in my hip, I knew I would have to be patient if I… Read More →

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Nutrition Q&A with Adam Chase


We had a chance to interview Adam Chase recently and are excited to share his experience with being a vegetarian while competing in endurance events around the world. Do you have a health condition or allergy (ex: gluten intolerance) that requires you to have a special nutrition plan? I do not have a health condition other than some issues I’ll mention below. Do you follow a specific diet (ex: vegetarian, paleolithic etc…). If so, describe it and explain how is it benefitting you? I’m a non-judgemental vegetarian. No meat and only limited dairy. I’ve been a veggie for 30 years and started because I worked in a restaurant and got grossed out from the masses of meat. I started with… Read More →

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