AR World Rankings Released


Rankings and Racers 2014. The revised rankings for the Adventure Racing World Series have just been published, and at first sight it might seem not too much had changed. The 3 top ranked teams remain the same, Thule Adventure Team (Sweden), Seagate (New Zealand) and Columbia Vidaraid (Spain), all the with virtually the same points totals. Look a little deeper though and there is a lot going on. World Champions on Top Number one ranked Thule Adventure’s points have not changed even though they’ve not raced in the World Series so far this year, not since winning the last World Championship race in Costa Rica. With the 4 highest scores counting over a 2 year cycle they don’t need to… Read More →

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Podium Places for the Adventure Racing World Championship 2013


Follow the race LIVE NOW at The Thule Adventure Team from Sweden has won the Adventure Racing World Championship 2013 in the host county of Costa Rica. 60 international teams began this 850km journey on the 2nd of December. The Thule Adventure Team took 168 hours and 23 minutes to complete the 850k course that visited both the Northern and Southern borders of Costa Rica, climbed the highest mountain in the country (Cerro Chirripo 3,800m), and saw both the Pacific and Caribbean coasts. Myriam Guillot said “It was a long race and we pushed very hard, there were no easy legs” Stuart Lynch said “I think that is the longest race I have ever done!”. Team Thule previously won… Read More →

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Thule Adventure Team World Champions Once Again!


After seven days – Thule Adventure Team crossed the finish line as Winners in one of the hardest Adventure Racing World Championships ever. This is the second time Thule Adventure Team wins the title. Last time was 2011. Jacky Boisset and Mimi Guillot from France, Stuart Lynch from New Zealand and Albert Roca from Spain has been racing together through jungle, paddling in whitewater rivers, climbed challenging mountains, trekked in mud up to their chests in tough mangrove swamps during an entire week with only a few hours of sleep. The 2013 World Championships in Costa Rica was even tougher than expected and many teams had to withdraw during the race. Thule Adventure Team managed to conquer all the challenges… Read More →

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