Nutrition Q&A with Travis Macy


Less than a week ago, Travis Macy set a new course record as the 2013 Leadman winner. Macy is an endurance coach, speaker, writer, athlete, and high school teacher from Evergreen, Colorado. He is a world-class multisport athlete who has competed in over a dozen countries and earned high finishes at the Adventure Racing World Championship, Primal Quest Adventure Race, 24 Hours of Moab, MB Race, Wulong Mountain Quest and the Abu Dhabi Adventure Challenge. We had the chance this week to catch up with and ask him about his nutritional plan as an ultra endurance athlete. For more information on Macy, visit Do you have a health condition or allergy (ex: gluten intolerance) that requires you to have… Read More →

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Vitargo S2 Athlete Travis Macy Sets Record in Leadman Ultra Endurance Trail Running and Mountain Biking Competition


Via Press Release After 282.3 miles of trail running and mountain biking around America’s highest incorporated city, Leadville, Colorado, this summer, elite ultra endurance athlete Travis Macy stood atop the podium as Leadman winner this Sunday. The pinnacle of the Leadville Race Series that includes the world famous Leadville 100 Mountain Bike and Trail Run races, the Leadman is a six-week event that requires athletes to keep coming back for more as they race for the lowest combined time in five events: a trail running marathon that tops at 13,186’, a 50-mile mountain biking or running race that climbs over 7,000’ on gnarly Rocky Mountain mining trails, the legendary Leadville 100 Mountain Bike Race now featuring some 2,000 competitors, the… Read More →

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